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Many mental health conditions benefit from psychiatric medication to improve symptoms. Whether your need for medication is short-term or long-term, Francisca Ifesinachukwu, MD – also known as Dr. Ada – and the team at Summit Mental Health Clinic in Austin, Texas, offer medication management to help you get the psychiatric prescriptions you need. To schedule a consultation, call the office or book online today. Telemedicine appointments are also available.

Medication Management Q&A

What is medication management?

Summit Mental Health Clinic is a full-service adult and child psychiatry practice dedicated to providing comprehensive care to meet all your mental wellness needs. Medication management is one of the many services the experienced psychiatrists offer.

The service includes helping you get the right medication to manage your mental health issue that causes the fewest side effects. Traditionally, psychiatrists use trial and error to find the psychiatric medication and dose that works best for you.

However, Summit Mental Health Clinic offers genetic testing to provide the right medication for your genotype. Genetic testing ensures you get the right medication quickly and prevents the unpleasant side effects that may occur if given an incompatible medication. 

Who needs medication management?

The team at Summit Mental Health Clinic takes a patient-centered approach to care and works closely with you to design a treatment plan that meets all of your needs. 

Though they offer many innovative treatments, including transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) for major depressive disorder, many mental health conditions benefit from prescription psychiatric medication. 

Your provider may recommend medication management for your:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety 
  • Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) 
  • Bipolar disorder

Summit Mental Health Clinic may recommend medication management, whether your prescription needs are short or long-term. 

What can I expect during medication management appointments?

You can expect compassionate care during your medication management appointment at Summit Mental Health Clinic. The specifics of your appointment, however, may depend on your diagnosis and medication needs.

For new patients, the team at Summit Mental Health Clinic conducts thorough psychiatric evaluations to help establish a diagnosis. As noted, genetic testing may also be requested to determine the psychiatric medication that may provide the best relief from your symptoms.

If you’re an established patient, your provider reviews the types of medications you’re taking and asks detailed questions about your symptoms, side effects (if any), daily stresses, and general concerns. 

Your provider schedules regular follow-up appointments to continue to monitor your symptoms and renew or adjust your prescriptions as needed. The frequency of your medication management appointments depends on your diagnosis and psychiatric medication needs.

For your convenience, Summit Mental Health Clinic offers telemedicine appointments. 

Medications are an important tool for the management of many mental health conditions. For comprehensive, personalized care, contact Summit Mental Health Clinic by phone or online to learn more about their medication management service.